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Traditional hot 26&2 (90 minutes) 

Let our inspiring and knowledgeable teachers guide you through 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in this classic hot yoga class. This practice is a heart-pumping, low impact, challenging, and systematically works your whole body developing body awareness, strengthening the mind, healing the body, and improving focus and concentration.

e84 Intermediate Class (90 minutes) 

The e84 Intermediate hot yoga class includes and builds on the 26+2 foundation. In this class we’ll begin to introduce new skills like lotus, handstands, leg-over-the-head movements, and deep back bends. No advanced skills are needed to participate in this class, the intention is to learn these skills, it is not a pre-requisite that you can already do them. This class is fun and challenging. You will practice the traditional hot yoga postures that you are familiar with and also be encouraged to explore many new ones.

Backbending* (45 minutes) 

This is a short backward bending practice to wake up the spine and build energy. You will learn and practice a very specific backward bending technique that will be useful for all of the backward bending postures that you do. If this technique is practiced regularly you will increase the flexibility and strength of your spine which will transform your experience of yoga asana.*


84 Asanas (120 minutes) 

The 84 is a therapeutic Hatha yoga class that prepares an individual for meditation, oxygenates all of the body’s organs and muscles, and restores and preserves the proper functioning of all of the body’s systems. The 84 Asanas class has the same school of thought and practice as the 26+2 hot yoga class. It’s expected that participants have a good foundation of strength, flexibility, alignment, concentration and balance.

Yin (75 minutes) 

Yin Yoga is a restorative and slow practice. Yin focuses on the connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints by stretching with relaxed muscles. Yin postures are held for several minutes and specifically target the ligaments and fascia (connective tissue) in order to regain space and strength in the joints. It facilitates the removal of deep blockages to the energy flow in the Nadis (meridians). Yin can break down and soften stiff scar tissue and can relieve the accumulated stress of repetitive movements. It can also help with acute and chronic injuries. Restorative Yin Yoga promotes health with slow, intelligent and safe stretches, which beautifully compliments a 26+2 Hot Yoga practice.

Hot yoga Remix* (75 minutes) 

This is a hot yoga class where we will follow close to the traditional hot 26&2 yoga format. This class has music and has little to no dialogue so participants should be prepared to follow along and set their own depth. Pose variations are welcomed and the class length is slightly shorter running one hour and 15 minutes. All levels are welcomed, and this is great place to do your traditional hot yoga 26&2  practice in 75 minutes if that’s your preference.

Yoga-lates* (50 minutes) 

This class is a mix of yoga stretching and Pilates mat moves to target your core strength.


LIIT* (50 minutes) 

LIIT stands for Low impact interval training. This is a movement class, set to music and focusing on muscle stimulation and calisthenics performed with emphasis on form and combined with a few stretches from Pilates and yoga.


Slow-flow Vinyasa* (60 minutes) 

This is a class based on doing sun salutations in the hot room with a focus on form, and flowing from one pose to the next. It's done to music and there will be opportunities to do deep stretching of the hips or feel free to find the right modifications for your practice.

*pop-up classes not regularly scheduled.

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