• The studio opens 15 minutes prior to the start of class and closes 15 minutes after class.

  • Try to arrive at least 10 minutes before class begins.

  • New students should arrive 15 minutes before class to allow enough time for registration and orientation if you have not preregistered.

  • The studio doors will be lock at the time class starts for safty purposes.

  • Please be in the yoga room, set up & ready to begin at the class start time and before the teacher enters the room.  If you happen to enter the yoga room after class has already started, please come in, set your things down and breathe with us. You can set your space up between breathing and half moon pose.

  • Let the teacher know of any recent injuries, surgeries, medical conditions, or any special circumstances.

  • Refrain from wearing perfume, cologne or strong scents.

  • No shoes in the locker rooms or yoga room; please place your shoes on the shoe rack to your left upon entering or in your bag.

  • Please leave any personal belongings in the locker rooms (this includes your mat bag). We are not responsible for your valuables or personal items.

  • Please turn off/silence cell phones




  • While in the yoga room, practice silence at all times. Ask questions before or after class, but not during class.

  • Only bring your mat, towel(s) and water only in the yoga room.  Glass containers may not be used in the yoga room unless properly covered with a protective bottle sleeve.

  • All students must use a water resistant mat and towel(s) to keep your practice space dry.

  • Focus on yourself in the front mirror and practice stillness between the postures.

  • Do your best to stay in the room for the entire 90 minutes. If you feel dizzy, sit down; avoid lying down during the standing series. Staying in the room allows the teacher to keep an eye on you and keep you safe.  If you absolutely must leave the room, let the teacher know and make eye contact. When in the hall, if you feel dizzy, sit down! Come back in as soon as possible.  When you re-enter the room, come to your spot in between postures.

  • Please follow the instructions and wait for the teacher’s cues.  This series is specific and unique.  Entering and exiting the posture is part of the posture. Each posture prepares you for the next and it is important that you approach your yoga practice safely and effectively.  If you are unable to do a posture the way it is intended just do your best. 



  • When you do leave after your final Savasana, please do so as quietly as you can. We maintain 10 minutes of stillness and silence after class with respect to students who remain in Savasana.

  • Help keep our practice space clean.  Please check your space after class.  Avoid leaving a wet spot on the floor where you were practicing.  If you use multiple towels and still leave a wet spot on the floor, then it may be time for you to purchase a new mat.

  • Place rented mats and towels by the kitchen.

  • Please limit your showers to 3 minutes.

  • Your cooperation with this policy is greatly appreciated by all teachers and students.




  • Boulder Bikram Yoga is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  • We will hold items left at the studio in our lost & found until the 1st of each month, at which time items will be donated or discarded.




  • Mat and towel rentals are $2.00 each.

  • All class packages are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be shared.

  • All class cards expire 1 year from the date of activation.

  • An inactive student is a student who has not been to BBY for 1 years.  Welcome back!




  • Any schedule changes due to weather conditions, holidays and/or special events will be announced by email.




  • Please do not park in the spaces marked “Tenant Parking” located on the street side (east side) of the building.

  • If our parking area is full, there is street parking available.




  • Yoga teaches us mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of actively focusing your attention on the present moment and accepting it without judgment.  When you are mindful, you have an awareness of your thoughts and actions – what’s going on in your mind and body – you see things and respond more wisely rather than acting on autopilot.

  • Be mindful of your thoughts, words, and actions. Class may have ended, but every moment is an opportunity to practice peace and compassion.

  • In yoga class, you learn faith, discipline, determination, concentration and patience.  Take these lessons with you and apply them to your life.

  • Enjoy.