Our Teachers

It takes a village to deliver great yoga classes 365 days a year!!!
So here we are...
Meet our teachers, we're a bunch of kooky yogis who are on fire about teaching Bikram style yoga. Our current list of teachers includes Radha Garcia, Esak Garcia, JJ Garcia, Luna Sheroff, Tim Smith, Jordin Murphree, Brenda Smith, Adrienne Watral, Greta Thompson, Suzanne Larson, Joan Lohoff, Kelly Williams, Breanna Brown, Lina Dinkova, and Janet Seidel.
Radha Garcia is the founder of Boulder Bikram Yoga. She started practicing yoga in 1967 and teaching in 1970.  Certified in the first Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 1994, she brought the 26&2 hot yoga technique to Colorado. Radha fulfilled a lifelong dream by opening Boulder Bikram Yoga and continues to promote yoga and wellness throughout Colorado and the world. She is widely respected as one our country's most knowledgeable yoga teachers. Teaching yoga has become a family business that Radha shares with her three children, two grandchildren, and this community. 
"I am honored to share my passion with you through the gift of yoga." 
Esak Garcia started practicing Bikram Yoga in 1994 with his mother and first teacher Radha. After practicing for many years, he became a Bikram Yoga instructor in 2001. He won the Ghosh Asana Championship (an international yoga asana championship) in 2005. Since then he has created his own global yoga brand consisting of Jedi Fight Club, Yoga Travelers, and the e84 Teacher Training Diploma Program. 
"I loved the practice from the very first breath in Pranayama. Even then I never imagined that the practice and teaching would become such a huge part of my life." 
JJ Garcia was born in Boulder, Colorado. Also, the son of Radha, he first visited Bikram Yoga Teacher Training at the age of 8 to attend her graduation. Little did he know it was just the beginning of a life-long adventure with Bikram yoga. To heal sports injuries, JJ practiced yoga for more than 400 days in a row. He attended teacher training in the fall of 2011 and has since then become highly ranked as a world competitor. He is an instructor of the e84 Intermediate class and the 84 class. 
"I love teaching this yoga. It’s helped heal me from several injuries, and it truly brings out the best in everyone—which I love and I get to see every day." 
Luna Sheroff has been drawn to yoga since she was a child. 
She began a regular yoga practice in 1994 which inspired her to complete Massage Therapy school and learn about the human body. Luna tried her first Bikram class at Radha's studio in 1999.

After a few weeks of classes, she felt more fit, vital, and centered than ever before. She is inspired by being able to facilitate healing for so many people; not just the young and fit. The postures and the heat felt wonderful and the warmth of the instructors made her want to return. 
"It is such a gift to guide others on their journey of transformation!"
Tim Smith discovered Bikram’s book and tape in 1988 and practiced in his living room for years. He started taking class here in January of 2000 and through detailed instruction got out of pain. He became a certified teacher later that same year. Since then he's been teaching regularly and heals through massage therapy as well. After years of running he was living with severe and chronic knee pain.
"Bikram yoga got me out of pain, and that, more than anything else inspired me to teach and share."

Brenda Smith moved to Boulder from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2008 where she had been practicing Bikram yoga. She completed teacher training in spring of 2010 in Las Vegas. Brenda is a preschool teacher and a mom. Previously she referred to herself as a broken-down, injured runner. Today she is running painlessly and with more enjoyment than ever, baby stroller and all! She encourages everyone she meets to integrate this practice into their lives. 

"I am committed to being an instructor because the yoga works! I have witnessed first hand how it can better peoples' lives in all ways."

Jordin Murphree began practicing Bikram yoga in the fall of 2001 and recognized the practice right away as a cornerstone of health and well being. She saw that as her body became stronger, more flexible, and more balanced, and she also became mentally and emotionally stronger, more flexible and more balanced. Yoga quickly became a huge priority in her life and she found herself rearranging her days so she could always get to a yoga class. In Spring of 2002 she became a certified teacher. She taught in Sacramento and NYC, then landed back in Boulder and began teaching at Radha's studio in 2005. Jordin is grateful and happy to share her passion with us. 

"One of the many things I love about this yoga is that even though we practice the same 26 postures each time, there is always something new to learn!"

Adrienne Watral started practicing Bikram yoga in September 2009. She fell in love with the practice right away and came daily for 5 months. In January 2010 Adrienne suffered a snowboarding crash, an accident that would leave her lucky to ever walk again. She shattered her L1 and L2 vertebrae and spent 6 months in a wheelchair with a full body brace. She returned to the yoga hot room after four months and found she was able to heal completely. 
"Teaching has been such a rewarding experience. I am really happy to share the immeasurable benefits with others."

Kelly Miller attended her first Bikram Yoga class in 2002. She fell in love with Bikram Yoga for its healing effects in the body, mind and spirit. After 15 years of a dedicated yoga practice, Kelly attended the first e84 Intermediate Class Teacher Training in Maui in January of 2017 and the first 26&2 Teacher Training in Boulder in October of 2017 thus beginning her longtime dream of becoming a yoga teacher. 

"E84 was the hardest thing I had ever done physically and mentally. I knew it was exactly what I needed to heal and live a healthy and meaningful life."

Breanna Brown started her yoga journey in 2010 and discovered Bikram Yoga in 2014. A few months after starting, she fell in love with the practice and went to Bikram Yoga teacher training Fall 2014. She loved feeling like she would die and knowing that she wouldn't. Since graduating, she's traveled and taught in 18 different countries with new and senior teachers, completed 5 Jedi Fight Club Trainings and is an instructor of the e84 Intermediate class and the 84 class. 

"I'm here to contribute what I've learned and to learn from you. Forever a teacher, forever a student."