Re-Opening the school

As we all know it's been a very interesting time for small business owners.

In 20+ years of running this yoga school, we have never closed our doors to take a break because to us yoga is life and it should be lived to the fullest 365 days a year. However, we do yoga to stay healthy and stying healthy is a top priority.

Making difficult choices

It's crazy when you stop to reflect on your life and direction. To try to figure out where you are going and what is the best direction. Many of the restrictions that are recommended for our health and safety today will make it even more difficult to stay in business. It is for this reason that we ask you for your support us in raising our prices.

When we began our mission

When we founded our school in 1994 we set out to bring hot yoga to the masses. At that time no one was practicing yoga this way, everything was new, and we were burning with passion to share our love of the yoga

  • We wanted to offer as many times as possible

  • As inexpensive as possible, and offer trade for those who couldn't afford yoga.

  • We invested in a huge space so we could have as many people as possible practicing together and inspiring each other.

20 years flew by and today we are facing new challenges

In order to keep the small-group in-person option available we need your support. We are asking for your support us we announce our new pricing and limited class sizes.

These measures will be in place for the foreseeable future. Until we find a global solution, we have to find a way to move forward.

love and peace, Boulder Hot Yoga

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3035 Sterling Circle

Suite A

Boulder, CO 80301

The yoga studio entrance is on the northwest corner of the building, ground level.

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