"Mini" Photo shoot for families and Yogis

Updated: Aug 3

This project is a fund raiser for Boulder Bikram Yoga

Saturday and Sunday Aug 8th & 9th 2020.

To book your session for yoga shots or family shots call or text Nika 786-546-0630 price $150

Dear yoga family, Next weekend on August 8th and 9th we are offering a mini photo shoot for you and your family. Here's what's included; 20 minute shoot , (1 look)

Only Brian McDougall, the photographer and Nika Garcia working for the studio will be present during your scheduled time and wearing masks. Doors and windows will be open. Fresh air and social distancing will apply. you will receive all the digital files as J-pegs. This offer includes advanced photo processing on your favorite pic.

As time passes it's so important to create art that helps us celebrate the simple everyday joy and love of living! These images often bring us increasing joy for years to come. Don't be intimidated! Come out and say cheese for a great cause! Below we have 5 tips on getting a great shot. Please add yours in the comments...

1. The show must go on!

The most important thing is to show up and say cheese, trust the moment. Trust the skill of the photographer.

2. It takes a village

Achieving the "natural" look is literally an entire make-up industry worth millions. The point is, don't be above using professional hair and make-up whenever possible. On camera "natural" is different than real life natural, and it's a great idea to use mascara and eyebrow pencil to help your eyes show up under studio lights.

3. Relax and shine to music

If you know you have a favorite song that brings out some feel good vibes for you cue it up on your phone and have it ready to go. Music can help everyone relax and feel comfortable, especially if you know you're a bit camera shy.

4. Take class.

if you are trying to take a few shots of your Asanas (postures.) Make time to take class that morning your you are nice and loose for the shoot and have that yoga glow!

5. Coordination for the win!

Whether you are shooting with a group or alone give a little though to your attire and how it will show up on camera. There are many simple ways to coordinate your clothes as a "family". Some examples are;

all black,

all white,

black bottoms and solid color tops,

Yoga clothes,

dress up, etc.

Again we invite you contribute your ideas by leaving it in the comments. Peace love and light,

BBY team

Photographer Brian McDougall is an artist, musician, yogi and Dad. He specializes in portrait and commercial photography. He loves music, art, mountains, and family life. He is Radha's son-in-law and vibrant and loving part of our community.

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