This is Adam Ross: our Student of the month

Adam Ross is 38 years old he took is first Bikram class about 3 years ago at in Jupiter

Florida. He says "I hated it at first I thought it was way too hot."

What else was challenging for you about the yoga?

"I couldn't stand up straight because of compression fractures in my back. And my hip flexors hamstrings and ankles were all locked into place."

What made you change your mind?

"I met a wonderful teacher who took me under her wing.

I told her my goal was to fix my posture and she told me that I needed to strengthen my core to straighten my back, so I worked my ass off every class, giving a hundred percent." " The extra weight started to fall off and I noticed that I could function on less sleep. I restructured my life and business so I could practice first thing in the morning and give 100 percent focus and energy. I can almost stand up straight now and my body feels 1000 times better than when I started. This practice has been the best investment of time and energy. I'm grateful for all the teachers who have helped me along the way."

Thank you Adam and for being a part of our yoga Community, and Thank You to our entire Boulder Bikram Yoga community for being with us. Please leave your comment engaging with the community and leaving some encouragement for each other. Peace and love TEAM BBY

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